Eine ganz neue Idee für Schulen und Unis. Nur wer die Antwort weiss, der geht online…

Due to the ban of conventional advertising at schools, Vodafone initiated a unique cooperation. With ‚Educative WiFi‘, students now have free access to wireless highspeed networks in which the WiFi names are questions from their curriculum. The respective answers to the questions make up the passwords. So in order to get the passwords, students need to do what they’re supposed to in school: learn. That way, we made learning a pleasure and Vodafone became a conversational topic among teachers, students and parents.


New York Festival 2016 Mobile Mobile Marketing: Service: Use Of Technology Third Prize Award
D&AD Awards, 2016 Digital Marketing Digital Tools & Utilities Wood Pencil
D&AD Awards, 2016 Direct Direct Response/Digital Wood Pencil


Vodafone - Educative Wifi:
Commercial | 1:08 Min | 2016

Regie / Director:
Martina Plura

Kamera / DoP:
Philip Matousek

Produktion / Production:

Agentur / Agency:
Jung von Matt